Autism discovery & diagnosis series

It’s exactly one year to this day since I received my autism diagnosis (and about two and a half years since I first properly came across the concept of autism/Asperger’s Syndrome). In honour of this milestone, I’m kicking things off on this blog with a discussion on autism discovery and diagnosis, covering both my own experience as well as hopefully providing useful information and perhaps some encouragement for others in a similar position – whether you’re contemplating or trying to get a diagnosis, currently undergoing the process, or have recently been diagnosed and you’re in the midst of processing it all.

Of course, I can only write about my own experience and perspective on that experience. Every person will have their own story of discovery/diagnosis and their own unique reactions, so not all of this will apply to everyone, everywhere. I’m hoping there might be something useful here to others. If not, it’s at least quite a cathartic process simply for me to write all this down!

Please feel free to leave comments – I’d love to hear about your own experiences and perspectives.


All the posts in this series can be accessed below:


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